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  • chevron_rightWhat does Poh Wah Gom mean?
    Poh-Wah-Gom, Canadian Cree for "Land Dreamed Of,” is a name given to this land since the early 1900’s.
    The original stewards of Poh-Wah-Gom Passage were the First Nations peoples of northern Wisconsin. These were the Menominee, Ojibwe (Chippewa), Potawatomi and Ho-Chunk (Winnebago) peoples. These people or their ancestors moved into this area possibly as early as 10,000 years ago. We formally recognize the forced removal of these indigenous people and want to recognize their continued existence.
             “When we talk about land, land is part of who we are. It’s a mixture of our blood, our past, our current, and our future. We carry our ancestors in us, as you all do, and they’re around us.” Mary Lyons (Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe).
  • chevron_rightWhy was Poh Wah Gom Passage created?
    Poh-Wah-Gom Passage was created as a unique woodland, surrounded by lakes, where people of all ages can relax and share in the many enjoyments of a healthy Northwoods life - a life of informality in which each one in his or her own way contributes to the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of the community.
    Circa 1908, the Frankenthal family, 1850 immigrants to Chicago from Germany, began visits to a resort in the Woodruff area.  Sometime later the Frankenthals together with the Drakes (Chicago’s Drake Hotel) acquired property east of Land O’ Lakes.  They shared four cabins, one each for the seniors, girls, boys and maids.
    Following WWI, the Frankenthals purchased land being used for logging on the shore of Long Lake.  It became the current site of Poh Wah Gom Passage.  Their respect and affection for the area is reflected in its natural beauty we enjoy today.
    For more background about Poh-Wah-Gom Passage click HISTORY.
  • chevron_rightHow large is Poh Wah Gom Passage?
    Poh Wah Gom is over 900 acres of land divided into 73 private member sites and one common area.  Member sites range in size from over 5 acres to more than 30 acres.
  • chevron_rightHow many member sites have water access?
    Poh-Wah-Gom property is bordered by Long Lake to the north, Big Sand Lake to the South, the thoroughfare connecting Long and Big Sand Lakes to the West and Catherine Lake in the middle.  Only five member sites do not have direct water access; however, all members have access to Long Lake via the common Long Lake access area.
  • chevron_rightWhat common areas are shared among members?
    Common member areas include about 4.5 miles of chip sealed road, access path / rest area to pier on Long Lake, mail station, meeting building (the “commons”) with adjacent tennis / pickleball court, and private Catherine Lake (catch and release, no motor).
  • chevron_rightWhat guidance is included in the Architectural Standards?
    The Standards provide members and the association the following guidance: Building Restrictions (including driveways and landscaping), Review Procedures and Construction Regulations.  For example, Standards provide guidance related to building locations and setbacks, maximum height, minimum footprint, foundations, exterior surface materials and colors, site drainage, grading and landscaping.
  • chevron_rightWhat events require Architectural Review?
    Property improvements and modifications require Committee review and approval including erecting, placing or altering a structure, driveway, landscaping, and tree removal. Additionally, internal lot fences (perimeter fencing is prohibited), signs, mailboxes and other such appurtenances require Committee review and approval.  It is recommended that Members should be familiar with the Standards before beginning any property improvements or modifications.
  • chevron_rightWhat should my home owner insurer know about Phelps fire rating?
    PWGP residents should be aware of the ISO fire rating for Phelps and the address of the nearest Phelps Fire Department facility.  As of June 2019 the Phelps Fire Protection Classification was assigned a rating of 05/5Y.  The address of the facility is 930 State Rd 17, Phelps, WI 54554.  This facility is 1.3 miles from the entrance to PWGP.
    To help establish appropriate fire insurance premiums for residential and commercial properties, insurance companies need reliable, up-to-date information about a community’s fire-protection services. Insurance Services Office (ISO) provides that information through the Public Protection Classification (PPC®) program.
    The Public Protection Classification (PPC®) program provides important, up-to-date information about municipal fire protection services in each community they survey. Currently, its evaluates the quality of public fire protection in more than 39,000 fire protection areas across the United States.
  • chevron_rightWhat amenities are available to members?
    The Association maintains the following:
    • Catherine Lake, a private. no motor lake accessed through the Commons property.  Fishing is catch and release only, with no barbed hooks.  The lake is stocked with a representative selection of Northwoods small game and pan fish.  Carry in your canoe or kayak, or fish off the pier.
    • Tennis and Pickleball are available on the Commons property. 
    • Commons meeting house is available for member functions and hosts our Annual Meeting each July.  Access code is available to Members on the tab Association Information This Link.
    • Long Lake Access.  Available to all members, a short, natural path walk to a rest area and pier for use on Long Lake. 
    • Mail Station.  For members who are full-time or spend extended time and want to receive U.S. mail locally a mailbox can be assigned.
    • The Association common road.  Over four miles of private road is owned and maintained by the Association.  Our road multi-tasks for walking, running, biking and vehicle traffic.  Join your neighbors for some healthy social time while enjoying the beauty of the Northwoods. And the Association plows these roads for access to your driveway in the wintertime.
  • chevron_rightWhat is the passcode for the Commons Building?
    The access code is posted on the following location in this site >Association Information > File Cabinet > Member Info - General